Luxury Cruise on the Nile River

A luxury cruise on the Nile river through Egypt is a memorable experience. The city of Luxor located in the upper part of Egypt is considered to be the "world's greatest open-air museum." Luxor is now what used to be the ancient capital city of Thebes and you can see the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens strewn with monuments, temples and tombs. Luxor holds well over half of all the fabulous antiquities of Egyptian history.

The Beautiful Sites Along the Nile

Probably the best time to take a cruise through Egypt would be during the winter when the average high temperature is around 71 degrees. There are so many ancient sites to see including the Temple of Karnak. With its amazing architecture, it is an ancient religious site and the second largest in the world. The Valley of the Kings stands on the west bank of the Nile and was created for pharaohs and nobles. The beautifully preserved hieroglyphs and the vibrant colors with over 60 tombs is a site not to be missed. These are just two of the many sites to be seen on a luxury cruise on the Nile River.

Your Choice of Accomodations

Whether your choice is modern and contemporary or elegant and relaxed there is a cruise ship that has all the amenities a person could ask for. There is gourmet, five-star cuisine, and your choice of three to ten-night cruises on a cruise that has 18 to 40 cabins or you can charter a more private excursion with a charter that has 4 cabins and allows you to decide upon your sightseeing itinerary. All cruises offer fabulous cuisine and cocktails with gorgeous interior decor down to the finest detail.

For your sightseeing adventures on the Nile River, there is nothing better than a luxury nile cruises to suit your style and desires.